WKUWORLD Tournament: 04.-05.05.2024 British Open (Birmingham, England)

04.-05.05.2024 International British Open (Birmingham, England)


The British International Open Awaits!

Save the Dates: May 4th & 5th!

Join us for an electrifying display of martial arts at the #BritishInternationalOpen, a pivotal World Ranking and Qualifying Tournament for the #WorldChampionships2024 in Rhodes, Greece.

Venue: Telford International Centre, the heart of Shropshire. Easily accessible, this 15,000m² venue is the perfect stage for top-tier competition.


Points Fighting
Light Contact
Kick Light
K1 Light
Full Contact
Kata & Forms
Dive into diverse disciplines, Open Weight, and Team Events, all with cash prizes!

With over 900 starts and 100+ clubs/schools participating last year, this year’s event is set to be even more spectacular! From Wales to Germany, Scotland to Northern Ireland, and all across England – competitors unite!

Thanks to our professional team, expect nothing less than an amazing experience. Don’t miss out on witnessing martial arts at its finest!

Proudly a Unified WKUWORLD & ICO Event.

LINK TO REGISTER: https://wkuint24.myuventex.com/#login;eventType=SuperEvent;id=325300

LINK TO INFORMATION: https://delsampson.wixsite.com/website-3/comps-and-events

LINK TO TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAm3gSeN8fA