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Frequently Asked Questions

A McDojo is a martial arts studio that does harmful acts to its students either physically, emotionally or financially.

Yes, If you have concerns that a martial arts studio or instructor has broken one of the 5 rules listed please send us an email. We do ask if you are going to send info about a martial arts studio that you also provide proof of any claims you make.

Here at McDojoLife we have 5 very specific rules on what makes a studio a “McDojo”:

  1. Has a registered sex offender working or helping at the studio
  2. Instructor misleads students by lying about belt rank, lineage or fight record
  3. Claims supernatural abilities and/or mislabels techniques
  4. Purposely harms students or practices unsafe training methods
  5. Shady/fraudulent business practices and/or cult like behavior

Luckily the majority of martial arts studios do not fall under any of the 5 rules of what makes a McDojo. So here are just a few questions to ask yourself when browsing for the right studio:

  1. Is the facility clean?
    If the studio is unclean this could lead to major medical issues.
  2. How are the other students treated on your first day?
    Every studio will treat you well on your first day but once you sign up you will be a student. So pay attention to how other students are treated when you are there.
  3. Did you enjoy it?
    Chances are good you are going to spend more time at the studio training than in fights. So if you enjoy it you will most likely want to train more and will be better at martial arts because of your love of the facility, instructors and students.
  4. Will the studio help you reach your personal goals?
    Everyone joins martial arts classes for different reasons so make the studio you join is able to help you reach your goals.
  5. Is the staff background checked and CPR/First aid certified?
    This is such an important question for anyone joining a studio to ask. We have covered far too many cases of students who were taken advantage of by an instructor who had a history of breaking the law. Ask that question if you ask nothing else.

“It all started when I stumbled upon some videos of questionable martial arts techniques circulating online. Intrigued yet concerned about the misleading information being spread, I decided to create a YouTube channel called McDojoLife.

Through my channel, I aim to shed light on martial arts schools and instructors who prioritize profit over true skill development.

With a touch of humor and a lot of research, I dissect various techniques and expose the dubious practices that can be found in the martial arts community. I’m truly humbled by the support I’ve received from viewers around the world, who share my desire for transparency and authenticity in martial arts.

While I may be known as McDojoLife online, in reality, I’m just a regular guy who deeply respects the martial arts and the dedication it takes to master them. My goal is not to shame or belittle anyone, but rather to educate and encourage critical thinking. I’m grateful for the opportunity to play a small part in promoting integrity within the martial arts world, and I hope to continue sharing entertaining and thought-provoking content with my amazing audience.”