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Martial Arts is a beautiful thing that can truly inspire people and change their lives for the better. Unfortunately, like in any other walk of life, some people take advantage of their position in order to do some dubious things.

Know someone who should be on this list?

YearMartial Arts TeacherAGEPrisonStateVictim(s)Victim GenderVictim AGEMartial Arts School NameOwner
2020Nicholas Parnello230.25Colorado1GirlUnderageT3 KarateNot Owner
2020Richard Perry498New Jersey1Girl11, 13Master Perry's World Class Martial ArtsOwner
2019Carlos Silva Loya5329.66California8Boys-14 to ?Kempo Karate SchoolOwner
2019Evan Scott Burgess283 to 6Pennsylvania4Boys14 to 16Destolfo’s Premier Martial Arts, McCoy's Action KarateNot Owner
2019Danny Morales418Connecticut1Girl13Unknown Name?
2019Gerald Strebendt39Guilty #?Oregon1Girl1410th Planet Jiu Jitsu?
2019Kasea Cirincione221California1Boy14Family Tae Kwon Do PlusNot Owner
2019William Bosley4944.5Pennsylvania3Girls14, 15, 17Uniontown Fight ClubOwner
2019Gabriel Abel Gonzalez396California1GirlUnder 14Chula Vista Jiu-Jitsu Club, Alliance EastlakeNot Owner
2019Luke Bakula3118New Jersey1Girl9Porta's Karate Dojo AcademyNot Owner
2019Malary Jones255Indiana1Girl13Unknown Name?
2019Nicky Joe Pasquale4525Florida1GirlUnder 12Unknown Name?
2018Kevin Singleton631.5Ohio2Girls13, 15Unknown Name?
2018Douglas Reynolds540.5New York2Girls14, 16Unknown Name?
2018Glenn Allen Lainfiesta443.25Colorado1Boy?Academy of Life and Leadership TaekwondoNot Owner
2018Nelson Ivan Del Valle-Nazario35Life SentenFlorida1Girl11Undisputed Fitness & Martial ArtsOwner
2018Nemesio Alfaro-Estrada2817California3Girls13,15,16 C.P.N & H Tae Kwon DoOwner
2018Colin Dahlen61Guilty, #?Massachusetts1Girl11Multiple, Unknown NamesOwner
2018Damian Tyler Fullmer212Utah1Girl14Evolutionary Martial ArtsNot Owner
2018Michael Scherbanic3078-156Pennsylvania8Boys8 to 13Tang Soo Do Karate CollegeOwner
2018Richard A. Wellbeloved-Stone5723VirginiaC.P.C.P.C.P.ACAC Fitness & WellnessNot Owner
2018Robert Morrison425Washington1Girl15Lee's Martial ArtsOwner
2018Anthony Gonzalez388New York2Girls5, 6USA Martial Arts Fitness AcademyNot Owner
2018Jose Hilario Soto213Colorado2GirlsMinorsOtomi Martial ArtsNot Owner
2018Erik Lance Cates453 ProbationNorth Carolina1Unknown12Piedmont Martial ArtsNot Owner
2018Loren Copp49Guilty, #?Missouri5GirlsMinors, C.P.Dojo PizzaOwner
2017Oscar Garnica480.66Washington1Girl14Choice Martial ArtsOwner
2017Robert Young5920Georgia1GirlUnder 16Young’s Tae-Kwan-Do AcademyOwner
2017Corey J. Ruel415Massachusetts1Girl13Attleboro YMCANot Owner
2017Zachariah Bennett2615Maryland3Girls13 & ?Mitchell's Martial ArtsNot Owner
2017James Ly Tran5264Indiana3Girls4 to ?Operated Dojo for people with Special NeedsOwner
2017Jered Scott Faulkner3715Missouri1Girl + C.P.7Tamashi Karate StudioNot Owner
2017Andrew Jin Kim2347Florida2Girls4, 7Oh’s Tae Kwon DoNot Owner
2017John Smith306.5Pennsylvania1Boy9Serenity Martial ArtsOwner
2017Jorge Alberto Tejada41Guilty #?California1Girl15Ernie Reyes West Coast Martial ArtsCo-Owner
2017Leah Corinn Wright21Guilty #?Maryland1Girl14Mitchell's Martial ArtsNot Owner
2017Marcellus White4625LouisianaMultipleBoys14-OctIberville Scorpions Karate AcademyCo-Owner
2017Ron Gorman5240Pennsylvania2BoysUnder 13Unknown Name?
2017Bruce Arlie Harvey4123Virginia2Girls13Unknown Name?
2017Charlie Mabern Hamrick556 Life SentenFlorida1Boy8 to 11Unknown NameNot Owner
2017Anthony Columna225 ProbationFlorida1Girl14Unknown Name?
2016Tyler McDonough211New Hampshire1GirlJuvenileMaster An's TaekwondoNot Owner
2016Christopher Calcagni511.5 to 4Pennsylvania1Girl15Saucon Valley Martial ArtsOwner
2016Michael Dean Hancock58Guilty #?Alaska1GirlUnder 16Peninsula Martial ArtsNot Owner
2016Chase Woolman2715Florida1Girl16Tae Kwon Do School of ExcellenceNot Owner
2016Samuel David Lewis2520Texas1Girl14BQuick Brazilian Jiu JitsuOwner
2016Forrest Rindels605IowaC.P.C.P.C.P.Cross Training Martial ArtsOwner
2016Jesus "Jesse" Camargo Jr415 Proba.Texas1Girl16Private Self-Defense Academy Martial Arts / Gifted & Talented GymnOwner
2016Richard Perez480.5Virginia1Girl15Perez Kenpo KarateOwner
2016Steven Douglas Adams Jr.333 Proba.North CarolinaC.P.C.P.C.P.Cross Training Martial ArtsOwner
2016William Sapp453 Proba.North Carolina2Boys15, 16Bill Daniels KarateNot Owner
2016James Charles Null456.16Oregon1GirlAppr. 13-17Aim High Martial ArtsNot Owner
2016Akram Sleit537Florida2Girls12, 15Sarasota Fitness and Fight ClubOwner
2016Anthony Joseph Henkels23Guilty #?CaliforniaC.P.C.P.C.P.Unknown Name?
2015Daniel Resto-Ortiz241New Hampshire1Girl15Master An's TaekwondoNot Owner
2015George Mendoza-Valentino27Pled GuiltyNew Jersey1Girl13Springfield A.T.A. Martial ArtsNot Owner
2015Adam Butcher373 to LifeUtah1Girl13Evolution Martial ArtsOwner
2015Ali Islam Morey21Guilty, #?Minnesota1Girl12Professional Karate StudiosNot Owner
2015Charles Phillip Drake2916 to 24North Carolina3Boys13 to 15Asian TaekwondoNot Owner
2015Marc Scott Gitelman504.33California3Girls15 – 16Unknown & Community CentersOwner
2015Steven C. Larson619Missouri1Girl13Unknown Name?
2015William Schellinger4412Wisconsin1Girl15 + C.P.Kettle Moraine Martial ArtsOwner
2015Jorge Allica5620Maryland1Boy10Akido Shobukan DojoNot Owner
2015Derick Lee503.66California3GirlsOver 14Elite Kung FuNot Owner
2015Thomas Franklin Ary6019Georgia1Girl8Pak's Karate InstituteNot Owner
2015Seth Sykes330.24Colorado1Girl16Sykes Family Martial ArtsOwner
2015Scott Alan Flood509Arizona1Girl5Contracted karate Childtime DaycareNot Owner
2015Richard Gustafson4932.75Oregon5Girls8 to 10Bend’s Acrovision Sports CenterCo-Owner
2015Jason Christofer Quero316California2Girls14Golden State Seibukan AcademyNot Owner
2015Cristiano Oliveira352.83Washington1Girl14Gracie Barra studio on S. 72nd AveOwner
2015Brant Perkins561.25Maine1Girl15Maine Isshinryu Karate AcademyNot Owner
2015Mathew Pearlman324OhioC.P.C.P.C.P.Asian Sun Martial ArtsNot Owner
2015Raul Villacaña3115Texas1Girl14Villacaña FitnessCo-Owner
2015Glen Allen Norton4825Michigan1Boy12Koei Kan Karate-DoNot Owner
2015Tony Harris Jr32Guilty #?Illinois1Girl15Invicta Martial Arts AcademyOwner
2015Matthew Barnes444 ProbationTennessee1Girl14Unknown Name?
2014Triantafilos Tottas61Guilty #?Illinois1Boy8Skokie Tae-Kwon-DoOwner
2014Josh Thomas Churchill314.33California1Girl14 or 15United Studios Self Defense KarateOwner
2014Aldo Batista dos Santos396New Hampshire1Girl13Unknown NameOwner
2014Alexander Johnson4010Florida1Girl12Precision Martial ArtsNot Owner
2014Sean Kowlessar273.5Florida1Girl14Lake Park Martial ArtsOwner
2014Larry David Walters523.5Arizona1Girl155 Animal Kung Fu/KarateNot Owner
2014Jason Webb2710 DaysMaryland1Girl14East Coast Martial ArtsNot Owner
2014Brian Nguyen401Virginia1GirlMiddle SchoolUnknown NameNot Owner
2014Albert George Williams65200 to LifeCalifornia3Girls-10 to -14Unknown NameNot Owner
2014Joby Clark415 Proba.Michigan1Girl14Butoku Karate DojoCo-Owner
2014Ryan Staples3790New York3Boys9 to 14 + C.PStaples Contact KarateOwner
2014Timothy Gutierrez5213California1Girl14Technique StudioNot Owner
2014Ronald Seabridge Sr.6019.58TexasC.P.C.P.C.P.Brass Dragon KarateOwner
2014James Everett Dutschke4145Mississippi3GirlsYoungest 7Tupelo Taekwondo PlusOwner
2014Dean C. Fuerstenberg4515Illinois2Girls13 & ?National Karate & KickboxingCo-Owner
2014Umar Love32Pled No ContCalifornia1Girl14Evolved Martial ArtsOwner
2014Juan Melesio Flores393California2Boys14 to 17Z-Ultimate Self Defense StudiosOwner
2014William Steven Cossey396Arkansas1BoyJuvenileEmerald DragonOwner
2013Jimmy Lee Walker46Guilty, #?Texas1Girl15Unknown NameOwner
2013Jonathan Allen Gamond3230California1Girl14Unknown NameNot Owner
2013Raul A. Gutierrez-Hernandez31Guilty, fugi.Colorado3Girls12 to 16Unknown NameNot Owner
2013James Butler57Pled No ContOregon1GirlUnder 10Academy of Fighting ArtsOwner
2013Thomas Donahue522.5Massachusetts1Girl7T&P Martial ArtsOwner
2013Christopher Gallup287New York1Girl + C.P.13Unknown NameNot Owner
2013Christopher M. Horton2090Illinois3Kids + Videos6, 8, 10Three Tigers Martial ArtsNot Owner
2013Craig William Manges Jr275 ProbationVirginia2GirlsUnder 13Unknown Name, 8 Year Sus. Prison SentenceNot Owner
2013David W. Arnebeck4860 DaysMinnesota1Girl15Warrior’s Cove, St. Louis Park & Burnsville & Little CanadaOwner
2013John Garcia4720Florida4Girls12 to 14Sarasota School of Arts & Sciences,karate dojo in schoolNot Owner
2013Nicholas Adam Ivesdal2310Arizona1Girl8Three Feathers Martial Arts, Owned Black Dragon KarateOwner
2013Ralph Eugene Todd III323.66California1Child + C.P.9Kim's Tae Kwon Do AcademyNot Owner
2013Steven Mazer2760Pennsylvania2Boy,Girl + Vids2, 3Unknown Name, Bustleton sectionNot Owner
2013Raymond McCallister20Guilty, #?Massachusetts1Boy13Unknown NameNot Owner
2013Wade Robert Hoover3540Maine2Boys + Pics/VidsUnder 12Kosho-warrior's, United Martial Arts AcademiesOwner
2013Anthony Brian Harrison40Guilty #?North Carolina1Boy11Unknown Name?
2012Hermes Franca Barros373.5Oregon1Girl-14Team Hermes Franca Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu AcademyOwner
2012Dale Vernon Morgan56Life in PrisonFlorida1Girl3Unknown Name, Owned a Karate School in the 1990'sOwner
2012Michael Anthony Mason?Guilty, #?OklahomaC.P.C.P.C.P.Human-itarian School of Martial Arts - America’s Kids Against CrimeNot Owner
2012Samuel Shane Alvidrez510.5Washington1Girl15Enumclaw School of Martial ArtsOwner
2012Timothy B. Lenarduzzi2555TennesseeC.P.C.P.C.P.Elite Martial ArtsOwner
2012Michael Koke532Ohio1Girl7I.K. Kim Tae Kwon DoNot Owner
2012Young Jin Shim3220Georgia1Girl14Shim's Marietta Martial Arts AcademyOwner
2012Stephen Rementer2840Pennsylvania1Girl12Pocono Crimson Dragon Martial ArtsNot Owner
2012Luis Alberto Pineda31297California1110 Boys, 1 Girl9, 11, 14, ?Moo Yea Do Martial ArtsNot Owner
2012Shahrokh Mahrkar535 ProbationPennsylvania1Girl14O2 Oxyfit Gym & Martial Arts DojoOwner
2012Michael Shimabukuro345Hawaii1Boy12Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii/rented spaceNot Owner
2012Jonathan Lee Wilson278.75Oregon4Girls13 to 17Burke and Betancourt Taekwondo SchoolNot Owner
2012Justin Graham3120CaliforniaC.P.C.P.C.P.Plumas Lake Martial ArtsOwner
2012Wenyuan Sun49Pled G, #?Texas2Girls15, 17Sun Kung Fu Academy–O-Mei Kung FuNot Owner
2012Ryan Rebmann323California1Girl15Amador Judo & Jujitsu StudioNot Owner
2012Nick R. Wickerham617Ohio3Girls7, 10, 13Summit AcademyNot Owner
2012Frank DeMaria687New York4Girls6 to 11American Center of Chinese StudiesOwner
2012Roberto Mendoza38Found G, #?California3GirlsAll Under 14Seaside Martial ArtsOwner
2012Jonathan Knight243Arizona1Girl12Master Hong's Taekwondo CenterNot Owner
2012John Durinick4110Florida1Girl14John Emmons' TaekwondoNot Owner
2012Ricky Earl Anderson488Texas1Girl15Taught at Multiple SchoolsNot Owner
2012Timothy J. Weirich41Pled G, #?TexasC.P.C.P.C.P.Unknown NameNot Owner
2012David Rexer405 ProbationNew York1Girl16Rexer's Karate and Fitness CenterOwner
2012David M. Gunzburg412Maryland1Police “Girl”“13”Mitchell's Martial ArtsNot Owner
2012Hugo E. Davila36Guilty, #?Illinois2Boys10, 16Unknown NameNot Owner
2012James Timothy Dickinson32Guilty, #?Utah1Boy15Unknown NameOwner
2012Joseph Reyes Rogero24Guilty #?CaliforniaManyGirls-14, 14, ?M1 Global GymNot Owner
2012Stewart O. Newman4150 to 80Nebraska1Girl + C.P.8Unknown NameNot Owner
2011Felipe Ramon Corona27Guilty, #?Texas1Girl16Wushu Martial Arts, in North McAllenOwner
2011Joel Levy443New Jersey2Girls16Family Martial Arts AcademyOwner
2011Justin Ray Dutcher2525Maryland1Girl15P.R.I.D.E Martial Arts, Kent Island Martial Arts CenterOwner
2011Michael Macaluso lll3930Georgia2Boys14, 15Kubudo Atlanta, 1951 Canton RoadOwner
2011Eric Dylan Protas3826California1Boy13Allied Gardens School of Martial ArtsOwner
2011Edward James Bruner5830Michigan1Boy12Kitchi Tae Kwon DoNot Owner
2011Tyrone Wiggins5135Pennsylvania1Girl12Taught At Olney Recreation CenterOwner
2011Paris Cornelius Carter ll420.5Virginia1Girl11Old Dominion Performing Arts StudioNot Owner
2011Matthew Thomas Murgia2513Florida1Girl14Black Belt Karate CenterNot Owner
2011Richard S. Fatheree407Louisiana1Girl15Pak's KarateNot Owner
2011Joshua Lee Pollay3120Oregon1Girl7Unknown NameNot Owner
2011Bryce Ellison Norton29Guilty, #?Utah4GirlsUnder 13East West MMA Martial Arts & KarateOwner
2011Alex Tinsley515Colorado1Girl15Longmont Karate ClubNot Owner
2010Tommy Merritt382New York2BoysUnder 13 & 15Fight ScienceOwner
2010Larry Pike4020TexasC.P.C.P.C.P.Located in Balch SpringsNot Owner
2010John Maisenhelder621North Carolina7Girls6 to 10Creative After School TrainingOwner
2010Trent Young4221.8New Jersey3Girls14 to 16Iron Tiger Martial ArtsNot Owner
2010Jeffrey Allen Spangler385West Virginia1Girl13Located in Mink ShoalsNot Owner
2010Amonulah Sakhi26120 DaysCalifornia1Gender ?BabyUnknown NameNot Owner
2010Steven Michael Backstrom4799+LifeTexas1Girl12ATA Black Belt AcademyNot Owner
2010Matthew Lewis3410Hawaii1Police “Girl”“14”Located in the Chinatown Cultural PlazaNot Owner
2010Jon Etingoff5721 to LifeCalifornia3Boys10, 15Located in El SobranteNot Owner
2010David Gerald Leonard4314California1Boy11Unknown NameNot Owner
2010William Brent Mullens371.08Oregon1Boy13Northwest Martial ArtsOwner
2010John Pertuit362Arizona2Girls15, 16KIKS American KarateOwner
2010Patrick Betterton256New Jersey1Girl14Tristar Martial ArtsNot Owner
2010Joseph Moscatelli438Connecticut2Girls11, 16United Studios of Self DefenseOwner
2010Michael Crain650.25Tennessee1GirlTeenagerUnknown Name?
2009Robert Lintzenich427Michigan2UnknownChildrenUnknown NameOwner
2009Paul Barr4510Washington1Girl13Yakima School of KarateNot Owner
2009Joshua Roehrich306Pennsylvania1Girl14Located in Phillipsburg, PANot Owner
2009John Patrick Harison623California1Girl4United Studios of Self DefenseCo-Owner
2009Joseph Matthew Gailes312 ProbationNorth Carolina1Girl15Vision Martial ArtsNot Owner
2009Brendyn Scott Crispell200.76California1Girl13Located in San CarlosNot Owner
2009Kyle Bernhardt Zwarg367Florida1GirlUnder 16K. Zwarg's Kenpo KarateOwner
2009Giovanni Miguel Eankamash35Admitted, #?Minnesota1Girl8Unknown Name – Private LessonsNot Owner
2009Francisco Capellan4410Florida1Girl15Unlimited Power Through Martial Arts Inc.Owner
2009Phillip James Every504 ProbationNorth Carolina1GirlUnderKarate USA, Worked while a Sex OffenderOwner
2009Arleigh C. Smith2411Oregon2Boys13J.K. Lee Black Belt AcademyNot Owner
2009Michael Zrncic3210Pennsylvania1Girl15Z's Karate StudioCo-Owner
2009Michelle Fresno261.5Florida1Boy15Sidekicks Martial Arts StudioNot Owner
2009Mark William Froelich323.1Oregon1Girl15Bends Karate for KidsNot Owner
2009Walter Guilbeault595VirginiaC.P.C.P.C.P.Martial Arts WorldOwner
2009James Bonfiglio3818New York12Boys13 to 16Excel Karate AcademyOwner
2009Humberto Benitez39Guilty, #?New Jersey1Girl8Unknown NameNot Owner
2009Suphachai Leeisaranukul37Guilty #?California1Boy15JK Tae Kwon DoNot Owner
2009Mark Cruz46Guilty, #?Tennessee1Girl15Unknown Name?
2008Theodore Kaine Thorner32Guilty, #?Florida1Girl16Martial Art Health CenterNot Owner
2008Christopher Aaron Smith3412 to 15North Carolina32 Girls, 1 BoyUnder 6-10Chris Smith's Academy of Tae Kwon DoOwner
2008Patrick Shawn Magnan51105 to LifeCalifornia7Boys10 to 14On 16521 Magnolia Ave, WestminsterOwner
2008Todd Barton Campbell381.5Oregon1FBI “Girl”“13”Martial Arts Center in Bend and RedmondCo-Owner
2008William J. Hazlitt27Pled G, #?CaliforniaC.P.C.P.C.P.HT Martial Arts in Ramona, San DiegoCo-Owner
2008Roger Reyes Palmiano5535California4Girls9 to 15Karate Do USA, on Mission St, Daly CityNot Owner
2008Clinten Jay George4920Montana1Girl13Last Chance Aikido, Placer Ave, HelenaOwner
2008Jerry Nucker342Texas1Girl16Academy of Martial ArtsOwner
2008Leonard Hileman294Massachusetts2Girls14 to 15Robichaud's True Martial Arts Academy in GeorgetownNot Owner
2008Jeff Allen Ferris411Virginia1Girl17Free Spirit KarateOwner
2008James Wilkerson405 to 10Pennsylvania1Boy15Unknown NameNot Owner
2008Gary Scott Gray3212.5Ohio2Girls14, 17Gray's Karate for KidsOwner
2008Bradley Knight3740Florida1Girl15Tiger's Den Karate Do AcademyOwner
2008Daniel Doyle3310Ohio1Girl + Video14Renshuden Judo AcademyNot Owner
2008Fulgencio “Fred” Muiz4012Oregon6Girls8 to 15Upper Valley School of Karate,N.W. Karate Federation DojoNot Owner
2008Stephen Gressett20Guilty, #?Florida1GirlUnder 12United Tiger Martial ArtsNot Owner
2007Benjamin Dela Pena213New Jersey1UnknownChildUnknown NameNot Owner
2007Edward Dennis Brown5875Florida1Girl12In Newberry, Alachua County, 17926 NW 29th PlaceOwner
2007Jonathan Hyung Boyd2418AlabamaMultipleBoys + Video12Won's Martial Arts Academy & FitnessNot Owner
2007Efrain Israel Ortiz4415 DaysCalifornia1Girl11Jabez' Academy Martial ArtsOwner
2007Joao Pierini352California4Boys15 to 17Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School in Halfmoon BayOwner
2006Jacob Davis Jr51Guilty, #?Maryland1Girl9Unknown NameOwner
2006William Roach312.1Florida1Police “Girl”“13”Red Tiger Taekwondo in South DaytonaNot Owner
2006Glen Landolt3712Arkansas1GirlFifth GraderNational JuJitsu Training CenterOwner
2006Jeffrey Niemeyer?3Indiana2Boys9 to 12Taught at Krannert ParkNot Owner
2006Robert Houston Reynolds Jr.251Georgia1Girl15Martial Arts AmericaNot Owner
2006Terry L. Green343New York1Victim15Located in ArcadeNot Owner
2006Bud Haley Williams471.5South Dakota1Girl13Located in Sioux FallsNot Owner
2006Melchor Hawkins Jr.64Max Life+10Texas1Girl + Video12100 Block of Eugenia St in Orange Grove, TexasOwner
2006William French Anderson6914California1Girl10Private LessonsNot Owner
2006Howard Mitchell Jr.4110Maryland1Girl15Located in the 7600 Block of Belair Road, OverleaOwner
2006Anthony Dwayne West47Pled G, #?Arkansas1Girl12Unknown NameNot Owner
2006Keith M. Ingraham5435New HampshireMultipleGirls15Newmarket Blackbelt AcademyOwner
2006Richard Carfora2015New YorkManyBoys6 to 10Zen Nippon Kempo KarateNot Owner
2006Andrew M. Jacobs43Pled G, #?Virginia2Girls10Unknown NameNot Owner
2006Alejandro Mancillas342 ProbationTexas1Girl13Unknown NameNot Owner
2006Bret Randall May353Alabama3Girls9 to 14Power Up Life Coaching Guidance for Mind, Body and SpiritNot Owner
2006James Blankenship Jr.35Guilty, #?Maryland1UnknownMinorUnknown NameNot Owner
2006Andrew Jackson Davis3015Utah1Girl14Kanshindo KarateOwner
2005Lorens San Pedros2610Texas1Girl15Unknown NameCo-Owner
2005Peter Rezey Jr302New York2Girls8, Under 11Rezey's Modern American Kenpo KarateOwner
2005Randall Beard4590 DaysArizonaC.P.C.P.C.P.Unknown NameNot Owner
2005David Michael Lader412.5ArizonaC.P.C.P.C.P.Dojang Martial Arts SchoolNot Owner
2005Michael L. Lucado4960 DaysVirginia1Girl, Video16Unknown NameNot Owner
2005Ken Levy45Pled G, #?Michigan1Girl14Ken Levy's Kickboxing Club in Royal OakNot Owner
2005David Tarantino21Pled G, #?WisconsinC.P.C.P.C.P.Personalized Martial Arts, 540 Hartbrook Dr, HartlandNot Owner
2005Robert Tiers Jr315New Jersey1Boy11Ultimate Dragon KarateOwner
2005Jimmy Ray May456Arkansas1Girl13Harrison Taekwondo CenterOwner
2005Theodore Dickerson35Guilty #?Massachusetts1Boy14Kung Fu Training CenterCo-Owner
2005Steven Michael Zerbe287.5Florida1Girl11Budan Kai KarateOwner
2004Michael Keith McNew25Found G, #?Virginia3Girls11 to 17Y.K. Kim Martial Arts StudioNot Owner
2004Mark Densberger4817.1PennsylvaniaMultipleBoys13 & ?American Somba AcademyNot Owner
2004Richard Woodard3840Kentucky4Girls12 to 13Woodward's Karate StudioCo-Owner
2004Lori Franklin?40Kentucky4Girls12 to 13Woodward's Karate StudioCo-Owner
2004Tomas R. Agosto45Guilty, #?New Mexico1Girl13Southwest Martial Arts AcademyCo-Owner
2003Michael Phucsonmai Le2725Oklahoma3GirlsUnderUnknown NameOwner
2003James Thomas Marzolf371.91PennsylvaniaC.P.C.P.C.P.Marzolf KarateOwner
2003Mark Jensen3910 to LifeUtah2Girls/1Murdered16,17Unknown NameNot Owner
2003James Holland Bunch Jr.4510Texas2GirlsUnderUnknown NameNot Owner
2003Teresa Ann Nutley403 ProbationCalifornia1BoyUnder 14Private Lessons in Palm SpringsNot Owner
2003Mario Feliciano22Guilty #?Florida1Girl15Jim Graden's Cardio Karate CenterNot Owner
2003Samuel Mendonca Lima61Guilty #?California1GirlMinorUnknown Name?
2003Scott Brian Naugle44Guilty, #?Tennessee1UnknownChildLeverage Jiu-Jitsu AcademyOwner
2003Archie Foster6112FloridaC.P.C.P.C.P.Now Operates: Foster’s Self-Defense Academy (2018)Owner
2003Gerald Ballew55Guilty, #?Florida1GirlUnder 12Pak's KarateNot Owner
2003Rainier Inocencio Gatapia37Guilty, #?Missouri2GirlUnder 12, 16Lee's Summit Martial ArtsOwner
2002Paul Edwards3510New York2Boys12Edwards Taekwondo AcademyOwner
2002Frederick Dunn Brandon41Pled G, #?Colorado1Girl16Unknown NameNot Owner
2002Kuhrt Johann Glessner432 ProbationFlorida1Girl12Unknown NameNot Owner
2002Richard R. Tillotson422 ProbationFlorida1Girl15T's Kenpo Karate SchoolOwner
2002David W. Collins3310 to 12Massachusetts2BoysUnder 16Red Dragon Martial Arts AcademyNot Owner
2001Mike Brown4910 Proba.Arkansas1Girl13Mike Brown's TaekwondoOwner
2001Trevor Campbell213Virginia1Girl6American Colleges of KarateNot Owner
2001Orlando Howard Yarborough554Maryland1Boy15Body Mechanics Fitness CenterOwner
2001Gunther Fiek3090Georgia20Boys12-AprLocated in Marietta's EastsideNot Owner
2001William A. Gullett Sr.481.5Maryland2GirlsUnderConfidence Studios, in BelcampCo-Owner
2001George Hernandez52Pled G, #?Illinois1Girl8Olympic Karate & Fitness CenterOwner
2001Arthur M. Perdunn Jr.43Pled G, #?New Jersey1Girl14AmeriKick in DelranOwner
2001Edwin Rodriguez?Guilty, #?New York1Girl11Gem Shotokan Karate-Owner convicted child molesterOwner
2001Daniel Lee McFarland44Guilty #?Georgia1Girl9Atlanta Shotokan karate studioNot Owner
2000Thomas Neal Collins Jr.3819.33California1Girl13Unknown NameNot Owner
2000Carlos D. Bedoya360.25Maryland3Boys10 to 12Westminster Karate AcademyOwner
2000Michael W. Hall469California2Girls13, 17Unknown NameNot Owner
2000Dean Eddie Williams3920 to LifeUtah1Boy12Private LessonsNot Owner
2000Kareem A. Jabbar NotNBA457New Hampshire1Girl15Unknown NameNot Owner
2000Eric Benton28Guilty, #?Kansas1GirlUnderageUnknown Name?
1999Timothy Richard Rice2125FloridaMultipleGirls-12 to -16Unknown NameNot Owner
1999David Negron4510Connecticut2Girls11, 12The School of Self DefenseNot Owner
1999Thomas Edward Hogue280.5Tennessee1Girl16Unknown NameNot Owner
1999Anthony Holloway32Pled G, #?Massachusetts1Child12Unknown NameNot Owner
1999Timothy D. Hightower37Found G, #?Ohio1Child + Vid10Unknown NameNot Owner
1999Nicholas Hollis ll?30Arkansas3Girls11 to 12Unknown NameNot Owner
1998Jonathan Novy284.75Washington3Girls14, 15Unknown NameOwner
1998Louis Lugo396Ohio3Girls12 to 15Unknown NameNot Owner
1998Joseph Mastrando221 ProbationPennsylvania1Boy15USA Karate CenterCo-Owner
1998Christopher Rainer402 ProbationColoradoUnknownUnknownUnderUnknown NameNot Owner
1998Edward Carnes342 to 4Massachusetts1Boy9Unknown NameNot Owner
1998Kenneth Dorn25Guilty #?Florida1Girl12Unknown Name?
1997Alexander Goolsby23LifeFlorida1Boy11Bill Clark's ATA Black Belt AcademyNot Owner
1997Martin William Holmes32Guilty, #?California1Girl + C.P.9Unknown NameNot Owner
1997Thomas Merrill Wright257Alaska1Boy11Unknown NameNot Owner
1997Roy Marcum335New Jersey2KidsYoung studentsUnknown NameNot Owner
1997Scott Edwin Razor2230CaliforniaMultipleBoys6 to 12American Karate CentersOwner
1997James Paul Rigli29Pled G, #?Arizona1Girl9United Martial ArtsOwner
1997Robert Earle Keith458FloridaMultipleMalesYoungest -16Bob Keith Karate CenterCo-Owner
1997Edsel Ahern Griffin54Guilty, #?Florida1Girl12International Shotokan KarateOwner
1996Rickey Couch3517.5California1Girl12Unknown NameNot Owner
1996Antonio Molinar4823Massachusetts4Girls + Movies15-17Boutokukai Karate DojoNot Owner
1996Anthony B. Grano394 to 15Illinois1Girl15Located in AddisonOwner
1996Martin Murphy27Probation #?Illinois1Girl14U.S. Academy of Tae-Kwon-DoNot Owner
1995Daniel J Glutz Jr393.8Pennsylvania1Girl13Dan Glutz Tae Kwon Do StudioOwner
1995Kenneth Wayne Roberts2635California7Boys11 to 15Kim's Tae Kwon Do StudioNot Owner
1995Darin Levstik2720Colorado8Boys11 & ?Located in ConiferOwner
1994Shon Koolau Baker18Guilty, #?Washington1UnknownChildUnknown NameNot Owner
1994John Lamont?8North Carolina1Girl13Unknown NameNot Owner
1994George Truxton363New Jersey1Girl14Golden Tiger Martial Arts SchoolNot Owner
1994James Hiram Emory3812North Carolina2GirlsUnder 16Emory Karate SystemsNot Owner
1994William C. Kelley355 ProbationPennsylvania1Girl14Unknown NameNot Owner
1994Wilbert Anderson312.5Minnesota1Girl12Located in 7500 Block of South ExchangeNot Owner
1994Billy Gene Morrison267Oklahoma1UnknownChildTaught at YMCA,accused again 2002Not Owner
1994Richard McBrayer3720 to 40Michigan2Girls14-DecUnknown Name?
1994Dariel Morrise Shazier27Guilty #?California2Boys-14, ?Unknown Name?
1993Timothy Collins3635 to LifeKansas1Unknown13Unknown NameNot Owner
1993Maurice L. Jones312California1Girl13Unknown NameNot Owner
1993Paul Longeway4620New JerseyMultipleBoys7 to 12Unknown NameNot Owner
1993Clifton Mack2416.5New York1Boy10Unknown NameNot Owner
1993Joaquin Casado5022Florida3Boys12, 14, 15Unknown NameOwner
1993Thomas M. Long4110Illinois4Boys11 to 13Eagle Karate School of Martial ArtsNot Owner
1992Andrew Youngblood274m Proba.Louisiana1UnknownJuvenileUnknown NameNot Owner
1992Lewis Gene Calliham446California1Girl11Teol Moon Kung FuOwner
1991Christopher Marshall Banks396Georgia1UnknownChildSouthern Tang Soo DoNot Owner
1991Craig Maynard31Found G, #?Ohio2Boys9, 12Unknown NameNot Owner
1991Craig Anthony Sepulveda378 ProbationCalifornia2Girls14, 16Located in Cuyamaca St, SanteeNot Owner
1991David Sanderson3420MassachusettsMultipleBoysUnder 14Unknown NameNot Owner
1990Juan Antonio Lopez3610 ProbationTexas1Girl8Family Martial Arts Leadership AcademyNot Owner
1990John Duff Bracy351California1Boy15Hsing Chen Martial Arts StudioOwner
1990Youn Tae Yoon?3 ProbationNew Jersey1Girl15Unknown NameNot Owner
1989Dennis J. Brown4110North Carolina2Boys13Unknown NameOwner
1989James A. Hydrick3017California5Boys10 to 13Private LessonsNot Owner
1989Frankie C. Mitchell2860 DaysNew York1Boy10Spinning CobrasNot Owner
1989Gerald Murphy351.5Florida1Girl14Little Dragon Tae kwon do (owner), Tiny Taekwondo (wife as owner)Owner
1987Chris Hardy305Illinois2Boys10, 12American Karate SchoolOwner
1987Tory Orr210.5Illinois2Boys10, 12American Karate SchoolNot Owner
1987Ricky Howard Coble2925North Carolina2BoysMinorsYing Hwa School of Chinese Wu ShuOwner
1987James Merl Stahl4720Florida2Minors11 to 16Private LessonsNot Owner
1985Gary D Dolphus345FloridaMultipleBoys9 to 13Ata Fitness Center/Boca Raton Karate AcademyOwner
1983Keith A. Gross26Guilty, #?Maryland21 Boy, 1 Girl9 to 10Unknown NameNot Owner
1983Robert "Kato" Woodson32Guilty, #?Pennsylvania1Girl/Murdered11Unknown NameNot Owner
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