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Having a hard time getting people to try your classes? Are they coming in but leave without signing up? or perhaps they sign up but do not stay with your program long?

McDojoLife, Ninja Pipeline and Zen Planner have teamed up to provide you with everything you need to run a successful program. From lead generation and sign ups to retention and class room tips. Let our team help you take your studio to the next level without compromising your integrity.

Consultation Options


This gives you access to exclusive members only consulting videos posted on our YouTube. These videos cover subjects such as Lead Generation, Conversion, Retention, Class Room Skills and more. These videos are in collaboration with Zen Planner and Ninja Pipeline.


One on one consulting with Rob from McDojoLife. Diving specifically into your questions and needs to help your studio thrive.

$2000+ for 3 days

Our team will come to your facility and help with a complete overhaul. This will include staff training, drills and new policy procedures to help improve your school quickly and efficiently. Day one is observation and questions leading to a game plan tailored to your facilities needs. Day 2 and 3 are Drills, practice and implementation.

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