Today’s news is coming to you from a sunny suburb of Lady Lake in Orlando, Florida. 38 year-old black belt LaDonald Shakkie Holmes was arrested on March 18th after breaking her boyfriend’s nose because he refused to have sex with her. Then threatened police and EMTs by coughing on them and saying I have the coronavirus. According to the police report she was upset that her boyfriend wouldn’t sleep with her because she decided to reunite with her ex-husband.

She then became very agitated at which time she roundhouse kicked him in the nose and then punched him in the nose. She apparently turned her boyfriend into a bloody mess. The officers said that it should be noted that the arrestee is a black belt in martial arts. When the cops arrived to arrest Holmes she was laying in bed refusing to answer questions.

Police had to drag her to the police cruiser because she refused to move and went limp. This prompted the officer to call an ambulance because they were worried she was having some type of medical episode. That’s when the police say she became so aggressive with the police and the EMTs on the scene that she had to be sedated but his apparently didn’t seem to slow her down.

According to the report while placing the arrestee on a stretcher the arrestee shouted I have the coronavirus and coughed directly on one of the paramedics face which resulted in the copious amount of saliva landing on the paramedic. She has been charged with two counts of felony battery and released on seven thousand dollar bond according to the report. She will be arraigned on April 13th and she reportedly has previous battery convictions.