On Thursday, March 21st two women, a mother and her teenage daughter, daringly thwarted an attack by two armed robbers at their residence in Begumpet, India.

The accused, identified as Sushil Kumar and Premchandra, both from Uttar Pradesh, reportedly gained entrance into the residence by posing as couriers.

One of them had a helmet on, the other wore a face mask and a cap to conceal their identity, said police.

What the intruders did not count on was the fact that Amita Mahnot, the homeowner, was an expert in martial arts.

“The duo first said there was a package for Amita. They then forcibly entered the house, brandishing a knife and a home-made pistol. One of the accused, identified as Premchandra, darted towards the kitchen and stuck the knife to the maid’s throat.

The other accused, Sushil, then got into a brief scuffle with Amita’s teenaged daughter,” police said.

“Amitha then tackled Sushil as her daughter pinned him down and snatched the pistol from him,”

While Sushil managed to flee, Premchandra remained confined to the kitchen and was soon caught by neighbours who rushed to the house after hearing the commotion. He was later handed over to the police.

Officials seized ropes, the home-made pistol, a rubber bullet shell and two knives from their possession.

It later emerged that one of the accused had scouted out the residence in the past.

“Sushil used to work with an agency providing house-cleaning services, and had visited the house on a deep-cleaning assignment along with three others in 2022,” the police said.

After his stint with the agency, he left for Kanpur for some time and was later called back to Hyderabad by his friends.

“This was their first transgression and we are checking to see if they have been involved in other offences elsewhere in the country,” police added.