25 year old founder of the Predator Poachers of New Jersey Ramy, hopefully I said his name correctly, was arrested while in the middle of exposing a pedophile live on social media.

Ramy says he uses various social networking apps to create profiles posing as miners and then awaits for predators to initiate conversation.

He says the work is exhausting and predators are extremely needy which makes him have to take quite a bit of time away from it.

He is also very careful not to break any laws when exposing sexual predators.

One day while Ramy had set up a meeting between him and another gentleman. An unknown man, we will call John, showed up to a pharmacy parking lot to have sex with who he believed would be a 13 year old girl.

He was instead met by Ramy. He was asked politely to get out of his car by Ramy and that he was not a police officer but he wanted to ask him a few questions. John exited the car and followed Ramy to the sidewalk where they chatted and was told that if he answered the questions honestly then the police would not be called.

The guy agreed and admitted to Ramy that he was there to have sex with the 13 year old girl. The police then showed up and treated the situation like it was a crime scene and they asked Ramy to stand by the patrol car while they spoke with the pedophile for a moment.

Now, pretty soon after that more police showed up and took away Ramy’s phone and the phone of his partner who was recording the entire event live on social media. They then arrested Ramy for obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct even though he let the officers know that he was an informant for a local detective.

What does any of this have to do with martial arts? Well during a recent interview while on the Bunker Fly Podcast, Ramy said that he got started in mixed martial arts when he was just 16 years old.

He said one of his instructors was very respected and knew MMA very well. Ramy found out however that the teacher was sexually abusing kids in his class and from then on he knew he had to do something.

He says martial arts training can be physically safe but he’s on a mission. He says that he attempts to rehab the sexual predators by taking them to sexaholics meetings and therapy sessions as needed.