WKUWORLD Tournament: BWM 2024

BWM 2024: The second largest WKUWORLD Tournament of the Year in Baden-Baden, Germany!

Date: 16th March 2024

Location: Baden-Baden, now in two interconnected halls with a convenient 3-meter corridor.

As the second largest amateur martial arts event in Germany (over 950 Starts in 2023), the BWM 2024 is your gateway to showcase your talents and spar with the best, setting your sights on the World Championships 2024 in Rhodes, Greece. Spectators, get ready to be captivated by thrilling battles and the sheer adrenaline of kickboxing.

This year, experience the action in two modern, spacious halls directly connected by a corridor, ensuring an even more vibrant and accessible event.
We invite all fighters and fans to join us for this exhilarating event.
Looking forward to an unforgettable BWM 2024 in Baden-Baden. For queries or more info, reach out at office@wkuworld.com.